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Hi, my name is Kyra Klaasen and I'm an aspiring filmmaker and writer from Perth, Western Australia. I am also a freelance photographer, video producer and editor.  I graduated end of 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Screen Arts (Film/TV), at Curtin University. While pursuing my love of film and storytelling, by working on a number of independent short and feature films, I've worked at many interesting places including the State Theatre of WA, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre and Perth Arena. Recently, I have had training and worked as a professional video producer for over a year for a video production company called MultiMediaMakers.


I am a passionate storyteller and truly believe that everybody has a unique story to offer, because how one expresses their creativity is subjective; everyone views the world differently. My desire to be part of making films comes directly from my pure love of wanting to tell stories and, later on, my enchantment of watching films. As Francis Ford Coppola once said, “the very earliest people who made films were magicians”. I think this is true, and is still the case with a chosen few filmmakers.


Many who have met me would say my accent is hard to determine. My country of origin is The Netherlands, with both Dutch and French heritage. However, I was born in Singapore and then at the age of 4, my family moved to Perth, Western Australia. Coming from a multicultural background has enabled me to view the world through different eyes. With visits to Europe (primarily Holland and France) to see my grandparents and extended family, I have been to places in Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), New Zealand, and Hong Kong. So my travelling experience is fairly extensive and I am truly grateful that I have had the opportunity to travel as much as I have.


As well as filming and editing, I greatly enjoy other creative pursuits such as writing, painting, illustration and violin-playing. Health and fitness also play an incredibly important part of my life, which has lead me to undertake a range of things including basketball, martial arts (more specifically Yoseikan Budo), personal training, yoga and walking.


Throughout my life I have won the following awards:


2013 - Dr Charles Stuart Prize for Best Student Publication for Curtin University’s Just Causes at the 2013 Ossie Awards for Student Journalism

2010 - Morton-Faragher-Hayden Citizenship Award

2010 - Dux Subject Award: Media, Stage 2

2010 - Dux Subject Award: English Literature, Stage 2

2010 - Dux Subject Award: Visual Arts, Stage 2

2004 - 3rd Place in The Mary Durack Award for Young Writers


And now all my creative endeavours have led me to create 'kyramedia' with which I hope to tell many more stories!




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