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Since graduating at the end of 2013 from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Arts and Journalism, I have actively sought to be part of the creative media industry here in Western Australia, particularly in film, video and TV, working on a number of independent short and feature films, corporate videos and documentaries - ranging in roles from co-producer, assistant camera, sound operator and production assistant to unit manager and production manager.

Most recently I have worked as a production assistant with Joined Up Films, attached to one of their 3-part TV programs commission by SBS Australia, still in production. Also with this company, I worked as a PA for a virtual reality shoot related to their SBS TV program "Is Australia Racist?" which was recently aired earlier this year. 

I worked as a production manager and unit manager for an independent feature film called 'The Decadent and Depraved' by Prince-Wright Productions. The majority of the shooting locations were far away in regional parts of WA, which brought with it a fresh bunch of challenges including food, accommodation and transport.

I've also worked as a unit manager for a Mad Kids TVC and also as a unit manager assistant and bump driver for independent feature film 'Love You Twice', directed by John V. Soto.


My first professional media job I landed was as a video producer for a video production company called     MultiMediaMakers. Here I quickly developed a whole variety of skills, ranging from project management: client liaison, production planning, coordinating shoots, to production: filming and directing of corporate/documentary videos, to post-production: editing and motion graphics to create the final product.


In this role, my skills and talents encompassed all of the following: scripting and story-boarding editorial content/journalism, directing, interviewing, filming with various broadcast quality cameras, operating sound, setting up light, editing, creating motion graphics and liaising with clients


Aside from the filming and editing, there was a very strong customer service component, as some of the projects that were assigned to me became my sole responsibility. I was with the client from the beginning of pre- production right through to final delivery and organising payment – so I handled both creative and managerial sides of most productions with clients. Outstanding communication skills and being able to connect well with clients is one of my greatest assets.


Evolving, developing and inspiring growth in the business itself played a big part of being a video producer in this company too. As a small team of four, keeping the bigger picture in mind was always essential.


I have experience working with the following cameras: Sony FS700, Sony NX5, Panasonic 202, Panasonic Lumix GH4 & Canon 5D Mk III.


I am an enthusiastic individual passionate about my work and I will go the extra mile to ensure the finished result is at the highest standard it should be; I am a devoted and hard-working part of a team, ready for anything. If I need to use new programs, I am a fast learner. 


If you're interested in working with me, please get in contact and we can grab a coffee!


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